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Age: ????

Kyrana is the Envoy of the Planet, guardian of the Gaia Knights. It was Kyrana's duty to seek out the Gaia Knights and grant them their powers. She watched over them, trained them for their war against the Demons and guided the Knights' every step. Kyrana lives in the Crystal Citadel with the Cho family forever watchful and in tune with the energy of the planet. Should any power threaten to disrupt the natural order of the planet, Kyrana will know. Despite her ferocious look, Kyrana prefers peace and quiet amongst the plants in the Crystal Citadel's verdant garden.

Patient and wise, Kyrana is of few words but when she chooses to speak it's of the greatest importance. She is fiercely loyal to Deandra in particular but has no problem questioning her authority. Her secret weakness is Deandra's homemade marmalade cookies.

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