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What is this?! Where am I?! WHO ARE YOU?!!!


Woah, woah. Slow down.

What’s this site all about?


Ok, that’s an easy one. This site is the home of the Legacy’s Call webcomic.

Comic? I love those! What’s the comic about?


So glad you asked!


Legacy’s Call is a “Magical Girl” webcomic. The Gaia Knights were a band of super powered teenage girls chosen to defend the Earth against the invading horde of malevolent, life energy sucking Demons. After many adventures, the Knights thwarted the schemes of the Demons and defeated their Queen, restoring peace to the world. The secret war between the Knights and the Demons came to a nearly Earth-shattering end and humanity hailed the young women as heroes. With the menace vanquished and the world at peace once again, the girls went their separate ways.


Our story begins fifteen years later in a world where humanity has settled into a bold, new future from the scars of the past, remnants of the Gaia Knights’ war on the Demons still linger and old foes begin to resurface to finish what was started.


Iris, the daughter of the leader of the Gaia Knights feels the pressure of the world around her and to uphold her family’s ever looming legacy.

Great! Who’s in it?


The story centers around Iris, her family and the friends she makes along the way. You can read up on a few of them HERE!  

How often does it get updated?


Every Monday!

Who created it?


Who indeed! Page Branson created Legacy’s Call in 2017. She’s currently a retail manager by day, a podcaster, freelance designer and comic book artist by night. She co hosts an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcast called Level 7 Access and her artwork has been featured at the LA Podcast Festival, on, used as an album cover for comedian Jackie Kashian, hung in the old Colbert Report studios and various other random places of geekery. On camera, she’s featured on AMC’s Comic Book Men and was a subject in the film Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary.

Her portfolio is located HERE.

Hey, I kinda dig this! How can I support it?


First of all, thanks! You can support the comic through the Patreon and in the future once more comics are created, a Kickstarter for a printed version. You can also purchase shirts and other Legacy’s Call merchandise designed by Page on her TeePublic site.

Where else can I find Legacy’s Call on the social medias the kids are into?


Legacy’s Call is on Twitter and Facebook and Page is on Twitter and Tumblr! Expanding to more platforms soon!

I have a question that wasn’t covered here!


Feel free to contact Page HERE!

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