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Avi Oliver Jones

Age: 36

Power: A Suit of Mechanical Armor

Weapon: Broadsword and mounted Arch Gun

Avi moved to Marymore City from Canada during Deandra's high school years. Avi remained ignorant to the exploits of the Gaia Knights until his family's business was attacked by the Demons and he witnessed the Knights in action. Vowing to help them, Avi constructed a powered suit of armor from scraps at his father’s auto yard. He joined in whenever he could catch the Gaia Knights in battle even though Deandra tried to stop Avi from helping, fearing for his safety. But over time Avi and his mechanical genius proved to be a valuable ally and he developed a budding relationship with Deandra. Avi was crucial in the destruction of the Demon Queen, helping Deandra deliver the final blow.

After the final battle with the Demon Queen, Avi married Deandra and Iris was born soon after. Avi and Deandra share an unbreakable bond. To Avi no matter what happens, Iris will always be his little girl. He owns three 'Number #1 Dad' sweaters, and proudly wears them as often as possible.


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