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12/30- Happy New Year! I'm starting off 2020 right by going to MagFest for the first time! See some of you there!
12/9- Today's comic is me encapsulated. Anxiety is fun!
12/4- Everyone survive Thanksgiving weekend ok? Cool. I also have things on sale for the holidays in my TeePublic store, so check it out!
11/4- Chevelle is still super fun to write! What data is she collecting? And for what purpose? Hmmm?! 
10/28- Fight forever *clap clap clap clap clap* Fight forever *clap clap clap clap clap*
10/7- Chevelle is fun to write and draw! It's fun to write such an unapologetic character.
9/30- New characters approach! We're about to spend a little time with them this Book, but way more with them in the future. Look forward to an update in the Cast section shortly :)
9/9- Getting over my post DragonCon depression, getting ready for New York Comic Con in a month. Con season, ya'll! I hope to see some of you there!
9/2- We're back, Baby! First Page of Book Two is up! Right now I'm at DragonCon so.... hopefully everything is posting ok! Hopefully future me isn't too hungover on the last day of con. Good luck future me! We're all rooting for you!
8/1- The comic returns with Book Two on MONDAY September 2nd! Sorry about the wait!
4/17- *UPDATE* Hey ya'll! Wanted to give an update! It looks like crunching down on getting the second part of Legacy's Call is taking a little bit longer than I thought it would. Yay sporadic writer's block! So it might turn into a Three Month Hiatus tm. Sorry about the delay but know that I'm hard at work cracking down on about 15 more pages to go before the script and thumbnails are finalized and pencils and inks can begin.
2/25- And THAT is the end of Legacy's Call Book One. Thanks to all of you who have been reading thus far. I'm going to take a TWO MONTH HIATUS with the comic to recharge, then start back up in late April with Book Two. In the meantime I'll post behind the scenes stuff every week!
If you aren't caught up with the comic, now's the time to start before the start of Book Two.
2/18- Currently I'm in (hopefully) sunny Los Angeles visiting friends and hoping everything posts ok in my absence! Wheeee! Automation!
2/11- Those building aren't going to fix themselves! That's always a thing I've been interested in when it comes to magical realism; the collateral damage to the surroundings and a public that might not be down.
2/4- Ridiculous power names in anime and manga have always been a favorite of mine. I unabashedly love them.
1/21- Here it is! The big reveal! I'll share my original sketches for the costume soon but Iris's CAST page has been updated to reflect the change with some new art added! Whee!
1/14/19- New comic page is up! Stay indoors on these snowy days and curl up with some comics!
1/7/19- 2019 is here... and it feels like 2018 so far. Eh, I'll take it. Also, today's comic page made me want ice cream so much.