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Iris Cho-Jones

Age: 15


Iris is the daughter of the original Gaia Knights' leader, Deandra Cho. For most of her life, Iris was raised in isolation in the Crystal Citadel, the shining "jewel" of Marymore City. She is unsure of her place in the world that her mother’s great deeds defended, a world she has barely had contact with.

Her childhood days were spent training with her "aunt" Diaza in the event the responsibility of protecting the planet would fall to her. Because of her rigorous training, Iris is proficient in various forms of combat but lacks the confidence to fully push her honed abilities.

Iris is an introvert forced to be an extrovert, fearful to be the center of attention she's been thrust into by simply being born into her family. Having her life planned out on one singular path, she's become accustomed to keeping her true feelings and wants to herself. She will always think of others before herself and defend them to the best of her abilities, occasionally to her own detriment.

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