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Diaza "Diz" Acosta

Age: 35

Powers: Extreme accuracy 

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Diaza was the second Gaia Knight chosen by Kyrana, and Deandra's closest friend. Diaza rarely talks openly about the past aside from her life as a Gaia Knight. During the final battle with the Demon Queen, she lost her eye and right hand against one of the Queen's lieutenants. Her magical power of enhanced accuracy now creates a glowing, spectral eye in her empty socket when activated. Diaza serves as captain of the guard for the Citadel and guards the fortress whenever Deandra is away. She shares a psychic link with the Guardians and Floaters that patrol the Citadel and can command them at will.

After the final battle with the Demon Queen, Diaza chose to stay and help raise Iris with Deandra and Avi. Iris thinks of Diaza as her aunt and Diaza feels the same way. Diaza trained Iris daily in martial arts and weapons combat in the hopes she'll be more prepared for her future battles than they were.

Whip smart, confident, sarcastic, Diaza is often the smartest person in the room, and acts like it. Those that underestimate her don't know she's already put into motion their downfall. Her loyalty to Deandra is unwavering. Her relationship to Kyrana, the ambassador of the Earth’s will, is both antagonistic and friendly, having spent so many years together. Diaza loves cheesecake and jasmine tea.

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