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Deandra Cho

Age: 38

Power: Light/Crystal

Weapon: Spear

Deandra is a mother doing the best she can.


In her youth she was the leader of the Gaia Knights, five teenagers girls chosen by the will of the planet to protect the Earth from the ruthless Demon horde. For years under the watchful eye of Kyrana, the Earth's emissary, the Gaia Knights used their newly acquired powers and weapons to fight back the invading Demons in secret while balancing their normal everyday lives. Deandra and her friends saved the world countless times over and her relationship with inventor Avi Jones blossomed as he fought by her side.

The Gaia Knights defeated the Demon Queen's forces in a colossal final showdown, but the world was forever changed by the global destruction and chaos. With their tasks completed and the Demons vanquished, the Gaia Knights went their separate ways. Deandra used her powers to create the Crystal Citadel, married Avi, and gave birth to her daughter Iris, with fellow Knight Diaza staying to help raise the newborn child.

Deandra is kind and strong-willed. Her cheerful exterior hides a shrewd mind. She does what’s best for the most amount of people. Leads with her heart. Though her duties as a hero and a world-wide symbol of hope keep her occupied away from her family, she loves her husband and daughter more than anything. She remains ever vigilant in this time of peace and hopes to prepare her daughter for her possible future as a Gaia Knight.

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