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Chevelle Lily

Age: "None of your business"


Chevelle was the third Gaia Knight chosen alongside Deandra and made it out of the their final battle with the Demon Queen virtually unscathed. After the war against the demons, Chevelle used her skills as an engineer and new found fame as a Gaia Knight to found the Snapdragon Corporation. Snapdragon uses her patent on her own magical abilities to replicate and produce magical tech devices for the general population. From phones to cars to home protection against the supernatural, Snapdragon is an integral part of everyday life.  Now that the demons are returning, business is booming once again.

Self assured and posh, Chevelle loves the finer things in life. She protects her own but knows exactly how much you’re worth to her. Despite her flighty demeanor, she's an undisputed scientific genius and ruthless business mogul. Her cheerful smile hides a shrewd mind.

Chevelle is never seen without her assistant following close by handling her day to day business affairs.

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