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Ashley "Ash" Frey

Age: 16


Ash lives with her mother Abigail and adopted sister Miriam in the shadow of the Crystal Citadel in  Marymore City. Her father was killed during the final battle between the Gaia Knights and the Demon Queen while guarding her family’s escape. Ash was only a baby at the time but retained a vivid memory of Deandra and her Knights saving them from further harm. Her mother and father ran a mechanic company together which now her mother runs with help from Ash. Ash grew up around tools and machines and invents gadgets around their house. With this lifelong practice, Ash has the makings of a gifted engineer.


Ash grew up loving the idea of magical girls and has been a long time super fan of the Gaia Knights. She idolizes them and what they stand for with unwavering support.


She is hopeful, inquisitive, and stubborn, believing that there is always a way. She will make lemons into lemonade or die trying. Her true soft side is revealed around dogs, which she loves, and she would take in every stray she sees if her mother did not stop her. She hates those who taunt or bully others.  

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